Reviews for "Robot Wants Kitty"


please could you do 2 things-1.let us save and 2. add badges.in other words,i love it!!!!!!!!!!

Nice game, I've played over & time again.

I just like getting the kitty cat & I also like getting the power ups. I beat this game in 12:58 which to me is like a personal best time. The series of Robot Wants games are pretty awesome equally! :)

I enjoyed it

Took me about a half hour my first time to get to the cat. I got what I wanted from this game. A rather simple, straight forward jump and shoot side scroll game.
I would like to see the game progress further, like more levels vs. 1 long one.
More variety. Variety of backgrounds/colors. More variety of enemies. The only enemy that stud out to me was the big one with all the eyes (which was cool). Maybe throw more like that in there to mix it up some more.
I like the overall concept. I had fun and it was easy to follow and pickup.
It would be nicer to be rewarded with a little better ending. Maybe a more detailed picture or some animation.

I did get the kitty :D

This is probably the coolest one of the "Robot Wants" series. Love how starting how that you needed to be careful and precise since you start with only the ability to move left and right and then you gain the jump ability and keep trying to follow the maze as you gain back the parts of yourself in order to rescue the cuddle cat who is trapped right above you at the start of the game.

The pixel graphics were great actually and loved them too. The sound effects were simplistic as well. I would find myself in a hard spot every now and then and realize that I needed to go back and get a power up from somewhere else in the level to move on.

I also almost had a heart attack upon discovering there were a couple bosses in the game that added to the challenge and fun of the game. The bosses took me a few tries to figure out but after beating them I felt a bit relieved afterward noticing that I was one step closer to getting the cat.

After awhile I finally got the cat and felt quite happy accomplishing it as well. The picture seems to show them both as happy so it turned out good then I guess.

Overall, an excellent game to kill some time and help the player think before they leap.


Very fun!