Reviews for "Robot Wants Kitty"

Beat it in 40:03

Very nice game, Solid plat-former and its hard even though you have infinite re-spawns.

soo good!

This game is great! i would love to see more powerups, multiple levels, and more of those boss-type monsters!


I was a bit to win, then y used the rocket to go up, I touched the left wall, and then I walkthrough it. I cannot win!!!!
It's a curse!!!

Anyway, great game!! 10/10.

Very solid platformer

I dunno if I gave this too high a rating, but I really think this has one of the most solid platformer engine I've seen in Flash for a while. Good mechanics and I like the obscure music too... Nice simple retro graphics... Great stuff! I think I'll be checking out more work from this author when I get a chance. I'd like to see something larger based off this engine, that would be AWESOME!