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Reviews for "Robot Wants Kitty"


I love the concept that you gain powers as you go along and have to back-track to use them. The concept behind this game is amazing, it just ended a little too quickly.

I kind of wish there was a level 2, where you could grab like, legs and a bigger body. I don't know, just some sort of even greater progress for your little robot.

I finished this game in about 15 minutes or so, but since then I've played in like, 4 or 5 more times because its just so much damn fun.


It was pretty good!

but some things just bodered me...
1)don't use x,c,z controls because keyboards in some countries(like mine) have it seperated and it's really difficult to use
2)checkpoints were a bit too far away
3)ending was kinda lame
but the part where it said HOLD X TO ANNIHILATE!! doesn't let me give this anything less than a 8/10

Hamumu responds:

You can use Y instead of Z on a german keyboard. The amount of times I've heard people mention this make me wonder if it actually works... it works on my keyboard! I figured people would try it, since it's right there next to the other keys.


cool game. reminds me of metroid! 31min. 31 sec :)


18 min! love the game!


The ending is such a let down for such a long game.