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Reviews for "TTK Game Demo"

Very nice

i would like more than two attacks but yeah this was great.

I do think kirbopher might let you use them, i mean he was so nice to me when i asked him questions. go ahead i'm sure you can do it.

A full version of this game would be amazingly epic once worked on and tweaked
Theres A LOT that could be MUCH better
I believe in you :D!!

lol it's ok

I know its a demo but there is a lot that could be fixed.
The green guy goes quieter as the game goes on.
Mario just moves to fast and has stupid moved.
the sprites seem blury in some squares.
mabey the attack with the blade could do more dammage.
could use better pics next to the name.
i dont think the hp should go in minus numbers.
Could do with some blood at the end when u kill the opponent.

I hope this can help you and good luck.

TheTOMEKnights responds:

If IPWNZZU (He's not Mario) moved any slower he would not be much of a challenge. What is stupid about his moves? I did not see any blurryness. The voice is pretty quiet on "Mine Bomb" but it didn't seem to get quieter to me. THe blade move, for having such short range could probably do we doing more damage. What's wrong with their avatars? If there's a way to code away -hp then sure it makes sense to not let it go that far down. Blood... Well that just seems inapropriate to me. ~Tails Clock

Sorry about the voice quality, I did it too low when recorded it. ~Brocky

Pure win

There was a version of this with "MUGEN" with all the characters but the maker deleted it or something so I never had a chance to play it...

anyway it was good but I noticed the bomb moves when you move :P
I know this is a work in progress but overall I think the demo is a 8
fairly good. =3

TheTOMEKnights responds:

The Mugen version was never deleted. The only characters that are playable are... I'll just get you the trailer link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqhbOn Sk5NM
Kirb has refused to help out so it's been put on hold for now. ~Tails Clock

ok if this game does come out he BETTER slap in some secret fights (i think we all know what they will be if you are a hardcore tome fan) now all we need are the headsets and the blah-blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah and we will be set