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Reviews for "TTK Game Demo"

10 Stars!?!

the 10 stars isnt for what it is...its for what it can become. good concept, if you really worked on it, it could be playable and maybe even addictive. love the marioRPG music at the end...good times...good times

Very cool I like :D

Just great :) Did you get authorisation to make this?

TheTOMEKnights responds:

Authorisation from who? Capcom for using their battle style? Sorry, we did not. Or do you mean the creators of the fan-series this game uses characters from? Yes we asked ourselves and we said yes. Thanks for the 10. ~Tails Clock

Sorry, but nothing in here belongs to Kirbopher. It's all Capcom's. But I plan on using some characters from his series so I would need authorization for that. ~Dannydk6


good going duude


This is just amazing that TOME is turning into a game people can actually play!!
I can't wait to see AND play the real thing whenever it's finished.

PS: I agree that two moves can be dull so maybe adding combo moves and super attacks would make it more enjoyable for players. Maybe even a character move editor so people can change how there moves could look like in color and how the move would look like when used.


Jesus christ this needs to be finished by someone XD. Customizeable characters too, with ways to learn new moves and super attacks.

If you ever get to make this a completed thing, then I don't think anyone will care about season 4 anymore. lol

Problems though, the enemy seems to move in a pattern. He only uses the small fireball in the middle front row it seems, same with his hammer, and his super attack never hits the top row.