Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

this was so much better than the others

the only reason i hated stick slayer before was that it was badly drawn, but it loks like youve put quite alot of effort into the drawing of this one, and its so much better. Also i thought it was dumb of you to take the piss of xaio xaio when that is one of the best movies ever. This makes up for all that really, it is far better than your other work. I also liked it coz it had clocks in :D

only ur wolrd..ur sticks

the art animation and everything is great but they are only your sticks that the stick slayer is destroying.

Enjoyed the Entire Series

This series was the first that I watched in full at Newgrounds and remains my favorite. Great animation.


dude, yo did improved your stuff since i watched episode1. too bad that the thing is over, was getting better. I really laughed at the part when the guy says "Yeah, Stick slaywer movies still are stick movies". ha ha ha ha!

that was funny

the end was funny. i just cant believe ss can just take on all of those sticks i mean there was millions of them. overall, great job