Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

oh hell yes

Andy and Mike Parker rulz. and so does this.


great make more make more!

That was sweet

That was pretty cool and it always helps to have Pico in your movies

Humor, Violance, and Style! Whew!

Those idiot retards that hurl shit on you can shut up! This rocks, and whoever is the slayer's
voice rocks! PIIICOOO!

You killed off some of the best portal chars...

Collage University, Pico, Clocks (lol darn clocks), and in one of your previous ones Eskimo Bob. Lots of cameos. Even though I hate SS I loved this episode at the same time. I love the ending music after he pushes the button. One question, if the stick slayer is a virus wouldnt he be the bad guy?