Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"


that was an exellent movie great graphics to the only bad thing is how fast pico, parks and whoever that other guy was died

fuck yeah

nice movie, kinda pissing off wen pico dies but what ever. make more when you can.


Man,this is the ultimate!!!!Ben,u r a genius,just like fozzy,mcfretn and a lot others,keep it up!!!

You rule!

This is one of the best movies on NG, I watched the whole series. Death to those stupid sticks! But I find it a pity that Pico dies so early :'(. The music is good, the style is good, the violance is good. I hope to see more of the Stick Slayer, that that nuke didn't work or the stick slayer gets revived or so. Good work!


Wow dude that was amazing.I can't belive some assholes didn't like it.
Well for u little suckers, if u don't like this amazing shit, make a better movie you little loosers.I bet u haven't got any movies, or it got blammed....
I get pissed of when these ashholes are saying: ,,go to hell, u suck....yadda-blabla''
Don't care of these assholez Ben kepp up your good shit!!!!