Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

Great Movie!

This was an Excellent Movie! Cool Effects and all, I just have to say Goodbye Pico, We will miss you, and for Mike or Park who ever that was, and FOr the Stick slayer, Good bye. :( We will all miss them deeply. But you cant stop here! Make him Come back! Buffy Died 3 Times or Something and she is still alive!

Best graphics of all time

This movie is the best thing i've ever seen on flash. The graphics are so smooth and i didn't even know you could do half of that stuff with flash. You should do that stuff for a living man!


Fucking classic. <i>Fucking </i> classic..

That rocked.

I love the voices and the things thier saying. I like XiaoXiao but that was great. Real funny.

Stick slayer