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Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

Nice movie!!!!

This one is the the best! Portal quotes lol.

that was funny

the end was funny. i just cant believe ss can just take on all of those sticks i mean there was millions of them. overall, great job

By the power of the Portal, I shall rate your TOON

OMG!!! that was soo amazing. *sniff* too bad Pico died. hang on. let me sing a song for him. " o' Danny boy, the pipes the pipes are calling." ok im back. that movie was REALLY good though. Omg, that thought of my friend is back, * think of happiness. he is in heaven now. he's in a better place. Pico is alright* ok. i'm back again. CONGRATULATIONS ON CHANGING A LOOK AN NEWGROUNDS!!!( i'm probably extremely late w/ saying that are'nt i?) *crying. sniff sniff. sob* OH PICO!! WHY DID YOU LEAVE?!

Very well done

I Just feel sorry for Pico.

Yes !!!

This is great !! The best Stick Slayer movie from far !!! It was just simply GREAT, overall !!!