Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

that was funny

the end was funny. i just cant believe ss can just take on all of those sticks i mean there was millions of them. overall, great job

By the power of the Portal, I shall rate your TOON

OMG!!! that was soo amazing. *sniff* too bad Pico died. hang on. let me sing a song for him. " o' Danny boy, the pipes the pipes are calling." ok im back. that movie was REALLY good though. Omg, that thought of my friend is back, * think of happiness. he is in heaven now. he's in a better place. Pico is alright* ok. i'm back again. CONGRATULATIONS ON CHANGING A LOOK AN NEWGROUNDS!!!( i'm probably extremely late w/ saying that are'nt i?) *crying. sniff sniff. sob* OH PICO!! WHY DID YOU LEAVE?!

Very well done

I Just feel sorry for Pico.

Yes !!!

This is great !! The best Stick Slayer movie from far !!! It was just simply GREAT, overall !!!

Excellent movie but...

You killed Pico. Seriosuly, i'm not mad BECAUSE you killed pico...im just mad that you killed him off so fast after you took an entire episode to introduce him..Ok, yeah im mad you killed pico. Dude, hes PICO the guy practicly invented gun's in flash. But I do like how you animated all of them, even if you killed off the other flash guys too soon. Great submission, nice riff on the portal there, and excellent cameos. Just next time..don't kill pico