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Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

oh no pico is dead ;)

man this realy good. nobody can describe this peace of art, created by god himself (you). by the power of the portal i said this is the best flash on earth. the clock army is cool.

Combined review and score of series

Is this looks like the conclusion to the stick slayer series I'd like to applaud you with your accomplishment, but its a pity that you don't use the XX sticks in the series, you use them in a later animation, but its separate from the series and the series doesn't quite cover that area.

Animating stickfights at the level of XX sticks is truly difficult, i tried once and failed miserably, i used 150 frames for 9 secs, then i got bored ^^

The end of the sticks...

Good one, attacking stick cartoons... More stick toons are being made than porno sites (That's saying something...).

Graphics: Fully drawn and well animated, unlike stick movies...

Style: A nice idea, and well put together.

Sound: Fairly good voice overs, but great music.

Violence: I think it's apparent in the title of this flash.

Interactivity: Start button? Thats it?

Humor: Good use of guest characters like... HA! I won't tell you!

Overall 7/10. Good job and you can see how much work went into this movie.

all stix will die

death to all stix let them feel the stick slayers wrath

You bastard! You killed Pico!

But this was still good. At least the stick figures die! BWAHAHA! The music was the best part. Good job!