Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

hey, wth no offense but

its pretty cool but even though u said you drew the stick slayer 476 times, im sure it wasnt that many, that was the shortest of them all.

Kick ass

nice one! good backgrounds--- lot of works have gone into it, be proud of it!!! biiiitch!

Hilarious!! One of my new favorites

But where was Keegan?? he could have been for either side :)

Friggen Hilarious

It seemed like an acion movie but that was fuckin funny as hell.. "Didn't you go to college?!?"...or "Oh My God Were Gonna Die! Gahhh!" Just the fact you put the other characters in there was genious lol VOTE 5 or your fucking we-todd-ed!

P.S. Make another one like that lol

Interesting REally

I like how you did the whole movie and I liked the end with the one guy i dont want to give it away, but the one part that pissed me off the most was how you have the clocks on there. How are clocks "fuly animated". They take as short a time as anything else to draw. I just dont think they should've been on ther, but good job anyway.