Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

not bad

not bad not bad....


It has everything it could need action drama and gore!!! It deserves much much more than a ten if you ask me!


This was WICKED! One of the best flash movies ever!!!!!! This is even better than the Taliban Womwen Revolt (another must see). I strongly recomend this movie!

Pretty damn good shit

Good movie man. Graphics are good, Sound was good and the little kid the died was fucking hilarious. Keep the mass death movies coming.

Great Movie!

This was an Excellent Movie! Cool Effects and all, I just have to say Goodbye Pico, We will miss you, and for Mike or Park who ever that was, and FOr the Stick slayer, Good bye. :( We will all miss them deeply. But you cant stop here! Make him Come back! Buffy Died 3 Times or Something and she is still alive!