Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

Really cool, except....

Whats up Stick-slayers voice?? He sounds like a constipated gorilla or something. This would have been practically the best flash movie i have ever seen if you got rid of that....


i have never watched a stick slayer movie before but this was awsome i think i should watch your other ones. You guys are truly talanted. And i want to say keep up the good work. You guys desrive a standing ovation for your work our maybe a award????

True Fans Of Good Work or Greatful

I very rarely come out of my shell to leave a post, but I have been on NG since the very start of NG since it was back on the Drexel server... but enough about that. This movie was so cool, I always love movies that bring forces together, but it was soooo amazing how you got animation and jokes from other really good animators. It was sooooooo cool when all the Newground Jokes came into play, and Ben you are getting much better at incorporating 3d animation into your movies, thanks everyone involved in this.

Best one

Out of all the Stick Slayer's I liked this one the best. It was pretty funny, but some parts were so cheesy it was like watching the old TMNT cartoon. All the voices were crap too, except for the Pico and College Year voices, either way.......it was pretty good.

I expected more

Wow that was really complete shit. I know i know i know i probably couldnt so any better. But i have watched hundreds and hundreds of flash movies, so i think i have a right to my opinion and i am not very far off. The last 6 were great, but now i am utterly disapointed. There was NO story to this one, it was just a bunch of shitty cameo's and terrible flash clichés ie All your death are belong to us. I have come to expect a hell of a lot more from you Spurgin i would go as far as to say take this down and redo it. I think you were trying to hard to make a crowd-pleaser instead of making another bad-assed parody. I know i am going to get flamed for this one but i feel strongly that you are a very talented animator ( i watched your other series about the nerd it was amazing) and could do much much better than this garbage. However the 80's music was sweet and the improved animation sequences were refreshing. But this needs much much better content.

Ben-Spurgin responds:

Take down and re-do my most successful movie?