Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"


oh my god. i praise you! i hate stick figures and i love the music you put in all the episodes so far. i love your work! i love the story and it resembles the terminator story line but i love all your movies!i love them! i hate those fucken sticks!

Humor, Violance, and Style! Whew!

Those idiot retards that hurl shit on you can shut up! This rocks, and whoever is the slayer's
voice rocks! PIIICOOO!

three things...

first, good movie. second, there are SOME good stick movies. LOTS and LOTS of crappy ones, but some good ones. third, YOU KILLED PICO YOU MOTHERFUCKER! OH GOD, WHY?! WHY?! WHYYYY?!

*ahem* anyhow, good movie OTHERWISE. good luck.

It was really great but...

Why did Pico have to die?! whyyyy! *cries*

*ahem* but anyway, that was a really good movie. "By the power of the portal I become...fully animated!" that was pretty funny. nice job


Danm that was fucken great the last 1's that u made werent all tha great but tis is just fuckin nice. great sound too.that was funny at the end stick slayer movies are just stick movies lol.keep up the good work AND HURRY UP WITH THE NEXT FUCKEN MOVIE.:)