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Reviews for "Air Pressure"


i dont really understand the hospital ending though. Could someone explain it to me?


It wasn't until I reached the 'most defining' scene that I realized - Oh. OH!

That scene really creeped me out and put everything in perspective for me.

Thank you for making this.


One of the few great games on Newgrounds. It took me some time to understand,but i'm pretty sure the girl is an addiction of some kind. More games like this need to be made. 5/5 Great job(:

Deep Symbolism

People, you have to stop taking things too literally and look deeper. On my first playthrough, I saw nothing but a short relationship story. But going back through it, I started to see a deeper meaning and how the girl represents a sort of addiction and can be generalized to any similar obsession.
Over all, the author has done a great job with the mood and the metaphor, but the plot or introduction could have been a little deeper to enhance it a bit more.
P.S. to those who think the static is a video glitch - This if Flash, people. Vector art's not going to have glitches like that. If it has static it's intentional and probably a hint at the true meaning of the story.

It kinda is like...

Marriage. When you meet a girl and she stays with you, and you either get a divorce or you stay together. I'm guessing thats what its all about. Nice job, pretty meaningful....