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Reviews for "Air Pressure"


The game was very inspiring, it made me want to think back on my own life for a second there, you really deserve a medal for this, Bravo. @Tockkun -Don't read if you don't like spoilers- He cuts himself. He gave you a lot of hints dude like, "The moment we met she instantly wrapped herself around my left arm" to her saying you need her. Plus it started flickering because basically the pressure of you wanting to cut yourself is fighting against the pressure of you to stop it. It very sad really, it's confirmed that he does cut himself when the nurse says he didn't cut any major arteries or nerves.

Deep, but without explanation

It seems as though there is more back story to this than there is apparent in the game. I have played through this four times and gotten the three endings, but yet I am left confused and wanting more. Who was the girl really? And why was she flickering in and out of existence. If these answers were met in the story, I believe it would have been much better.


This is incredible. I didn't get it until I went on my last playthrough where I got "closer" to the girl. This is artwork. This is deep, original, and worthy of study in any literary class. I hesitate to tell the community what its actually about, as that would ruin the discovery of why this is so excellent.

Some hints to players: As you play through toward the end, why does the girl start to scratch out, or glitch? Think about all the endings carefully, the one where you decide to stay close to her is the biggest giveaway.

Bentosmile, you can be proud to say you made something this deep in a game format that couldn't be done in a purely literary format. Check it out everyone!

Unfortunately Relatable

I kept going through it over and over because it was relatable, i just went through a break up and i felt just like the guy, once i figured out the girl was a metaphor for a drug, i had to think about my relationship again. This little game surprisingly had an impact on somebody's life.


i don't get it, how'd he wind up at the hospital