Reviews for "Rainbow Factory (RMX)"


Keep up the Awesome work!

Not a hater, (plez don kill me) but the original was a lot better than this. this may have made a couple of enhancements to the song, but the the slight static is killing me. Including that extreme high pitched sound. when rbd say "needs to be 20% cooler" the sound then kills me. at 3:01, that constant sound, "Why is that so freaking loud?!?!" -Anonymous


So once upon a time, I was looking for new and original Rainbow Factory song, when I find this instead. I think to myself "Oh, another generic remix! Might as well take a look." And my ears were in for a pleasant surprise when I heard this song. There appears to actually be EFFORT put in to this one! Good job with this remix!

Cool Dubstep Bro ! 5Stars :3