Reviews for "Rikku-FFX-2"


Rikku is awesome. Looks nice, good job.


If, you've ever seen rikku she holds her werapons like that. play the game. andher may be a little akward but its not noticable, and i thoguth the smile was fine. btw rikku is my favorite FF character. 10/10 5/5

Great, but not near perfect

The lighting and detail is great.

You could improve on the pose and face; her smile doesn't follow the given perspective. The two arms generally feel very awkward, especially how she holds her weapons.

Lastly, her shoes could use a bit more detail. Compared to the fine detail of the rest of her body, it looks rather cartoony. If the shoes are drawn as she actually wears them, I'd add some texture or something.

Keep up the great work!

Tekno's opinion

Beautifully done, honestly. All the colors used, the shapes, the shadows (except for the blades, that could use a little more). I also like the background, which for any illustration it is important to me...
Rikku is the least of my favourite FF characters, I always kinda hated stereotypical sl*beeeeeeeeep* characters like her (that are only made to turn on males and dazze females), and you didn't even tried to deny or hide that, heh! ^^
Your work is really sweet, keep on going like that :)


great picture 1 of my favorites