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Reviews for "Gameoverse 1"


well, I'll say funny in it's own way. good work on the random stuff and hapless hero's. Looking forward to the next one.

w00t awsome new series

Now I will eagerly await next epi!

RubberNinja responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! Watched your Ultra vs Kamen thing by the way, neat stuff dude!


This seemed like a kids thing. How is this on Playboy? Oh well, atleast you get paid right?...Right?...


Way to leave that at a complete cliffhanger... I WANT MORE!!!

RubberNinja responds:

I'll bring the next one out next week.


I loved it but didnt you already release the gameoverse videos....or did u just release them on your site and this is the first time they have been on Newgrounds.....well anyways its fantastic and im a big fan

RubberNinja responds:

Yep, this is the first time they're being put on Newgrounds. Sorry for the delay on that.