Reviews for "Raze"

good but...

really good game can't stop playing but...
some levels are to hard,not because of the AI but because your teamates are as smart as paste.
And there are quite a few bugs to but still awesome arsenal,great design,fun levels
and good story all wraps up to be a great shooter,best of its type,can't wait for a sequel


Amazing game, blows Unreal Flash out of the water.

Make an online, and please make it balanced and fair.

Ragdolls appear to be the source of all the lag, once they build up that is. Have them disappear after said killed person spawns.


This is great

But the enemy cpu is brilliant usually......

However your team mates are as almost dumb as the zombbies!!!!!!

this can be super annoying


This game is awesome!I wait to the online play version.Here is my favorilte level set:
Opponents 9
Difficulty easy
Win score 21
Damage mod 1,4
Ego mode off
All weapons


I'm really enjoying the fact that you get to work as a team, it makes the game a lot more fun