Reviews for "Raze"

amazing game!

fantastic graphics, great game! really fun and i love the different characters, levels, and everything else. by far my favourite game of all time. especially love the little storyline in campaign mode :) good job, can't wait to see what else you can produce!!

Needs multiplayer!

Just ask someone how to add it!


Icerapier"-It's a good game, but i saw a game which is more fun that this other. That name is "flash unreal tournament", i think. It's very similar thant this game, but better."

have to disagree with you, flash unreal had pretty poor graphics and wasn't very hard. I think this game is quite a bit better.


this game is dop


although, it would be cool with a more powerful assault rifle did more damage.i cant wait till i can vote on this again to give it another 5 pico rating.XD. broskiblitz over and out~XD