Reviews for "Raze"

wow wow wow

thats the best and most addictive game i've ever played
i think that has to be my all time favorite games
plz make a nother with bigger maps and more guns and maybe a level up kind of thing......that would be really cool
thanks for the AWESOME GAME!!!!

Great Game!!

I really enjoyed playing this game and hope you continue to make more like this. I can also see that you have pit alot of time and effort into this game


Dude this is F**CKING awesome,but you should make it multiplayer online!

...totally epic

this game is too much fun to be even legal :D

that was a masterpeice

that was a masterpiece of ammazing run and gun action, great controls everything was flawless except somtimes it slowed down. other than that 1000000/10 1000000000/5