Reviews for "Raze"


Im addicted! this is somthing I have been waiting for in a flash.


If it's not multi player, definitely should be.

This is a perfect piece of game, guys! ;)

The game is awesome! It has...

- a great a concept similar to smileys war with
... an exciting campaign with cool story!
... many cool weapons with great ideas and different charakteristics!
- a great level design with...
... important charakteristics of the environment!
... many, many tactical thoughts!
- many additional ideas, like
... costuming the soldier the player controls
... the three different races human, aliens and zombies with own weapons!
- great music and graphics for fine silt with...
... many songs, fitting perfect with the maps
... brilliant HUD, kick-ass units/buildings

- - - Overview - - -
Main-idea & transfer: 10 / 10
Creativity: 10 / 10
Action & Speed: 10 / 10

Music & Sounds: 5 / 5
Graphics: 5 / 5

Altogether: 40 / 40; 10 / 10

- - - Main-idea & transfer: 10 / 10 - - -
Its necessary to say, that this game is similar to smileys war, but a bit better :P. The Concept is cool - The player has to collect weapons, to use them correctly, to get as many kills as possible and to study the environment (loosing HP in outer space and toxic gases, jumping higher with the help of jump boosts, finding weapons on weapon generators etc.). The campaign is great too!

- - - Creativity: 10 / 10 - - -
The missions in campaign are really varied, the weapons have big differences, so you have to use a certain weapon in a certain situation, and the most charakteristics are selected advisedly, they are really realistic. That makes you feel in a way if youd be the person in this game! Very well done! :D And you put many cool ideas in, like the many possibilities in a quick match (snipers only, damage x4, juggernaught, team deathmatch, elimination etc.). Very well done too!

- - - Action & Speed: 10 / 10 - - -
Like Smileys War, this game has more than enough action and speed ;). Be as quickly, strong, clever and agile as you are able to be. Usual fast peaced action of the best classification!

- - - Music & sounds: 5 / 5 - - -
Many songs, they fit with the maps perfect! By the way, your level design is one of the best i've ever seen!

- - - Graphics: 5 / 5 - - -
The graphics are extremely good - everything is drawn perfectly! A pity, only extremely fast computers let you see this quality of art...

- - - Altogether: 40 / 40; 10 / 10 - - -
One of the best games on newgrounds and armorgames! But it has, like all other games too, some mistakes. If you click the game mode a certain weapon only (like snipers), you have so much ammo... It would be great, if you have from the beginning on full ammo for the sniper but thats it, no additional ammo. You have to be careful with it and to try to hit with each shot. Then you have the best sniper moments ever!

Really good game, 10 / 10 and 5 / 5! In a certain way, it is able to outclass smileys war. But it has no map editor, thats a drawback.


It's like a flash version of Halo, in fact, it's better than Halo :)


Awesome game but found a bug:
i had a 45 kill streak and on my profile is,'t written...precisely is written highest kill streak 1..not possible!