Reviews for "Raze"

Omg so awesome

Without the awesome graphics this game should be down so bad!
Anyways,i just wish there was multiplayer like Raze:Online.So awesome...


i really like it.the gameplay is great all it needs is multiplayer and more game modes.it reminds me alot of unreal flash and halo.


...I love you right now black betty.


I really love this game. Like a whole lot. Everything about it is great. The only thing is the maps are a bit to small. That was annoying. And there weren't all to many either. Oh and there should be MULTiPLAYER!!! :D

Fun, like a 2D Unreal Tournament!

Very awesome, very fun game! Challenges are really good tests of skill. Numerous guns, enemies, levels! Nicely done! Online sounds like a really good idea, I'm definitely on the waiting list for that one!!