Reviews for "Raze"

best game ever!!

This game is simply awesome! dude, you rock!!! when's two coming???? I can't wait!!! this is simply amazing best game on newgrounds!! For number two it would be good if you could give us more appearences to choose from for our profile. the online play sounds awesome too!! dude, have I told you this? well anyways YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!


you should make an online multiplayer


I play this everyday! Way too addicting for a flash game. Good work, keep it up.


I've played this game for about seven hours in a two day time span and I'm STILL not bored of it. :D Can't wait for number two.

A must play!!

This game is by far the best game ive played and i see more to this game...

"real online multi-player


newer maps

more weapons

upgradeable weapons

some bug fixes"

and who knows, this could be like the next popular multiplayer game