Reviews for "Raze"

Game is pretty good, but I think some levels are unfair and hard

I Like these kind of games but there is some level that is nearly impossible and i feel like they have handicap , Example : i shot the enemy with rocket rightly on the head (no armor) and the enemy didn't die , but when i get shotted on the head with Sniper or Rocket Launcher (full health full armor) I DIED WITH ONE HIT , i know life is so unfair all the times man , but i still love this game so much , i've played it on Armor Games since it comes out , but now Armor games sucks at controlling system (lagging when you move with keyboard , and that is true) , Great Games Juice-Tin and Mike Sleva! i love it.

bullshit game that is completely not fair

This Game is Great And Epic!

It's a fun game but I keep falling out of the world