Reviews for "Robo Run"

Pretty fun

More fun than I thought it'd be. Personally, I'd have liked to see some hidden areas/gems, because as it is it's a pretty straightforward level layout. I personally liked the fact that the spikes and enemies had accurate hit zones: I only died when I knew that I messed up the jump. If you make a sequel, I'd consider maybe different robots to choose from, as well as secret areas.
9/10, 5/5

"it's a great game to play when bored".

IT'S an awesome game not the greates ,but great game when bored of almost every thing else.


I keep miserably failing on map 6. :(
But at least the gameis built well and the levels look interesting. :D


it needs a little work on the keys

however, i liked it

I like the game, did you analize the option to allow the player to change gravity when in the air? I think this change could give a fresh gameplay for more levels.