Reviews for "Robo Run"



I want more levels! great game

it's even possible do not die in this game? i'll never get this medal sigh

Keeps me coming back

I've been playing this on and off for awhile now, only medal I'm yet to get is the 0 deaths one. Really frustrating, but this game is beyond awesome.

i just beat the game and all i have to say is...

HOLY *************************************
*** THIS TOOK ME LIKE AN HOUR TO BEAT or 30 minutes TO BEAT, AND I FEEL EMPOWERED, and i defintley died more than like 300 times and this game is good and it is also a very challenging game.

So far So Good

It felt so relieved when it saw the finish and occupy
Wow feels really nice after going through all sorts of obstacles...
But so far so Good. This game Awsome
Two thumbs Up !