Reviews for "Robo Run"


I love games like this when they're programmed properly, and this one is.
The physics and collision detection are spot on (well maybe the hitboxes on the enemies could be a tiny bit smaller but yeah).

Also I liked that you used a higher resolution than most other flixel games, makes it look a lot prettier.

The medals were a bit too easy, but maybe I just think so because I wanted an excuse to play this game longer. Maybe could have increased the number of levels a bit?


pissed me off a lot when i first started, but i got better at it and barely got the speedrunner medal. actually quite addicting


realy realy dumb and the medals are dumb too

This is a great game!

This game is awsum the gravity switching makes it a totaly origanal game!

Well made hardcore jumping game which is possible to finish. good job. despite the astronaut looks like a smurf :D