Reviews for "Robo Run"

Level 3??

i'm sure level 3 doesn't work. I passed it only one time and now i can't win the others medals. is there a bug??


It works, it's a rip off. Whoever decided that X is jump and C is gravity change needs to be shot.

bleh this

I hate the gravity, it's unplayable and stupid.
Looks ugly and no fancy music here no.


this is the third new switch gravity game ive played in the past few weeks, only this one was alot more boring. the obstacles were easy but the graphics were decent. work on a new game type. seems like you could do better

another of this?ahh...

man...VERY UNORIGINAL,like the man there sayed...this is the third gravity game i've played in the past few weeks...if u work better,u can do a best game...^^