Reviews for "Robo Run"

Good fun

It was good fun, even if has been done as a concept before. The medals also make it challenging anough to replay. The only thing that really annoyed me and continues to annoy me, is the inability to start from the beginning without having to close the game windo and re-playing. If you're trying to do a run of the whole game without dying, it is annoying to have to go through this process every time you want to restart

not bad

do you know what'd be great? the possibility to change gravity while in air and also, the possibility of denying sliding.

i didnt even finished the game, because it gets kinda repititive when you lose over and over

(title in work)

This game was pretty fun. The pixelized graphics are always great to have, as they remind people of good, retro games. I think it fit the style of the game play pretty well. The game play took some getting used to, but it was fun to puzzle out how to get every gem and complete every level. Not a very long game, but fun to play.

nice old-fashioned platformer

some pretty good work on this, but there are a few issues. as others have stated, the gravity switching mechanic is somewhat cliched by now, but it does make the platforming puzzles more interesting and complex. another somewhat nitpicky complaint, the jumping is somewhat delayed and drawn out, though this could be explainable by the space-age motif. finally, i, along with many others, think you could do better than this. maybe ramp up the difficulty a little and set out to make a regular platformer. i think you'd be suprised at the positive response.

Switching gravity...

It would be helpful if you could switch gravity while in midair!