Reviews for "Robo Run"


Not to bad but not very original. Since this game is considered an arcade platformer, I hadn't expected very much of a storyline, which I didn't get. The controls were somewhat difficult to handle but after a while I eased into it as the game progressed so I am somewhat satisfied with it. The gravity was a major plus in my opinion, which did bring a small sense of unique style into it. and it was a good idea to keep the mid air gravity turn off, or else you would just be floating through the entire level. I give a good rating to the graphics since this is considered a clean flixel framework. Over all score, I would say a positive 8/10.

And no thanks, respectplease, I don't think I want to raaaaaaaappppppppeee this game.

An incredible concept, needing just a few tweeks.

In all honsety I hadn't expected much when I first booted up the game, but I was treated to a very pleasent surprise. Where as I had originally expected a time trial or speed based game, I was treated to a nice, pleasent platformer.

The graphics weren't earth shattering, nor were the intended to be. All the graphics follow an 8-bit medium resulting in a more "classic gaming feel." The sprites do have a few more shades than an 8-bit sprite calls for, but not enough to call it a 16-bit sprite either. Either way, the sprites were simple, and didn't take away from gameplay.

The main menu features a techno tune, not exactly towards my tastes, but good nonetheless. Unfortunatly, the actual game does not feature any music, only sounds from your player jumping. A feel this is a huge drawback on such a well programmed game.

The gameplay itself was ammusing and addicting. The game involves you fliping the gravity to allow you to run on the ceiling to get to the other side of the room. Unfortunatly you have to be on the ground in order to flip gravity, resulting in some extremely aggrivating and precise jumps. The ability to switch the gravity once in mid air would make the game a little less about precision and more about puzzling, like it probably should be.

Overall the game is satisfying and with just a few tweaks the game would be perfect.

Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Music: 4/10
Overal Score: 8/10

good but not very original

I don't agree with the guys saying that it would be better if the gravity could switch in mid-air as well because it would simply break all the puzzles of this game, people should think a little bit about how the game works before reviewing.
Solid game but not very original, still fun


Nice retro game, but I agree that it would be better if the gravity could switch in mid-air as well as on the ground.


the controls could have been better
the setup was there, but i would rather have the character be able to change gravity even before hitting the platform