Reviews for "Robo Run"

Really good gravity platformer.

There are a few games like this out there, but this is one of the best.
Controls were easy to use (thank you for not reversing left and right when you switched gravity!), a little loose, but still pretty good.
The difficulty wasn't terribly hard and to get all the gems you just had to think for a second.
Only thing I didn't like is that I worked hard to get all the gems but didn't get the medal. :(
I must've missed one on the earlier levels or something, oh well. Good job.

Great Concept

There were some amazing concepts, but the controls were not always ideal. It would be nice if the controls were tighetened in the possible sequel, perhaps.


how can i pass map 3!?!??!!??!plsss help me!??!?!

Great game

Very enjoyable and challenging!
Good work


Go play VVVVVV