Reviews for "Robo Run"

Fun, but some issues

Definitely addicting, but I can't stand being unable to switch gravity at will, having to be standing on ground breaks the flow of gameplay when i have to stop moving, switch gravity, then start going again.

Damn Glitch

I always get an glitch when i press like D or A and he speed run's and i die because i can't stop him running ... so this is frustrating because to the EXTREME ROBO RUNNER medal .


Keeps me coming back

I've been playing this on and off for awhile now, only medal I'm yet to get is the 0 deaths one. Really frustrating, but this game is beyond awesome.


one of the best platformer games here in NG! the only thing i think would make this better is if there was a story or something. :D


A bit short, but it was still challenging and puzzling, as puzzle games should be.