Reviews for "Robo Run"

Cool game

This is a really addictive and fun game to play. So far though, the only medal I have a chance of getting is dying 30 times... There's a game a bit like this on the ipod touch called Hoggy. If you have one you should get it as it's free and also really addictive.

My favourite NG game

This is probably my favourite game on newgrounds! I keep coming back to see if I can beat my old time. Great gameplay! I agree with a previous reviewer, SoulOfDarkness, I'd love to see the addition of an insane challenge like collect all gems, not die AND complete it in less than in 400 secs. That would seal the deal for replayability.

It's very well programmed. I've played this game loads of times and not once have I come across a bug. Unlike some other people I liked the looseness of the controls the way they were. It created the right amount of challenge.

The music and sound effects were decent, they didn't get annoying. The sfx matched the graphics style.
I'm guessing the springboards were inspired by sonic, no bad thing there.
I think the best aspect for me was the difficulty level. Trying to finish the game without dying was definitely hard enough to make it a challenge, but not too hard that it was impossible.

The only thing I can criticise is the behaviour of the spike hazards. I can see, in an effort to make them more realistic, that you made it so the sides of them would not be harmful, only the tops of them would. However, if one stands against them and jumps up, it will cause death while jumping upwards. Only a small detail, but could use a bit of tweaking. Still better than the standard spike attribute of 'touching any part of them will cause death.'

Overall - excellent game. Well done man, all my 5 r B-long 2 joo!

I even made a guide for it (might need to remove spaces in URL):

knarrenheinz responds:

Wow! Thanks for the great review man :)

There's gonna be a sequel later this year... with the improvements the people wanted (like a normal spike behavior, gravity switchable once while in mid-air etc.)


about the game

this game was fun but a little bit hard

Nice balancing!

I wouldn't call the concept or the "gravity thing" in general that great, but the way it is used. IMHO someone getting that "difficulty balancing" thing with level design & frustration/motivation almost exactly right is anything but common these days!

That game gave me the chills while I was nearing the ends of some stages... 2-3 obstacles less and it'd just been "another game", 2-3 obstacles more and it would habe been "just another frustrating game".

And I guess the extra challenges for medals should make it playable the same way for ppl with more jump&run skill (I got enough from the "normal" run, gonna need a coffee now to calm down ;) *phew*).

It's all right

I only gave it a six because the controls are too sensitive and those spike things are too dificult to get past, I mean I don't even have to land on them, I can just jump into them and that's a death?

But the whole gravity switch thing is a neat concept to play with and the music was also pretty good.