Reviews for "Robo Run"

Fun but severely flawed

Things that bugged the hell out of me:

-Having to press the up button for exactly .00001 picoseconds to do a short jump
-Rubbing against the sides of spikes kills you
-Sometimes gravity would not switch when I told it to, killing me

Aside from that it was pretty fun. The "get through the game without dying" medal is like a joke, but the rest of them are doable. Plus the game is just the right length so that playing through it twice isn't brain-explodingly boring.

A real Review

If you 3 dont mind down there im gonna actuly write something that makes sense.

Ok, this is a good game you got going here. the music isnt half bad, the graphics fit perfectly for it controls could use a bit work i think but its a good game played it for hours myself :D.
Now the controls could use a bit of work. From wht i can tell teh robot walks right? so it should have any slide into it i think. When teh player slides after you dont hit the key it gets kind of anoying when your trying to stay on a small platform for me but its minor. Keep up the good work :D
(Little side note for futre players, THIS GAME ISNT A DINO RUN SEQUAL- READ THE ARTISTS NAME...)



Well idea is good, and gameplay is awsome. But you need story. Music is good too :)


I was expecting something like Dinorun... : \

knarrenheinz responds:

I was expecting something like a constructive comment... : \


When I clicked on it and saw the title and the picture I thought this was a sequal to "Dino Run" but it isn't...its still pretty good