Reviews for "Robo Run"

Switching gravity...

It would be helpful if you could switch gravity while in midair!

How'd you manage to make it so unintuitive?

The way the controls don't flow well, it's brilliant. And the fact that springs knock you back horizontally if you touch their sides? A stroke of genius! 2010 is seeing a groundbreaking flash game, never before has a gravity-flipper been seen or so well executed!

Great game

its clever and unique but i think the controls might be to sensitive ; )

I like it

Tell me my friend who created this... well game that I like. And the music, that guy mispelled favourite wrong. It's favorite. But I don't like how you put that medal up there, the part where you have to finish the game without dying? That'll be difficult for me! And it should've been 5:oo MINs. And how many maps are there.


It was challenging, but not over the top. The sounds fit the game well, and the art was simple but it worked. And It seems to be programmed very well, no real glitches.
This game is highly replayable and a lot of fun :)