Reviews for "Robo Run"

Bit too slow, bit too soft. Poor copy of VVVVVV

Interesting concept (though, VVVVVV has already done this in a much more entertaining package), but the soft controls (i.e. not responding quite quickly enough) and the slow movement let you down.

If it had more levels....

I actually liked the playability and level design of this game better than the other it originated from, but it could do with more than 20 levels!

Well, as stated before...

.. it is a copy, and not a very good one. Still some things to do to make the game much better, e.g. add more features than just running, jumping and changing gravity.


Although the game is decent, I found a glitch where the robot will jump on his own and move randomly. The game isnt bad but this simple error makes it not worth trying for the awards or achievements, other then that its good

decent game

seems like just another copy of games that have been in the portal before...nothing revolutional bout it...its just another platformer in my opinion...maybe if you could set it up so that the player could swap gravity mid flight like some type of double jump type feature it would change it upa bit. other than that good job.