Reviews for "Robo Run"

another of this?ahh...

man...VERY UNORIGINAL,like the man there sayed...this is the third gravity game i've played in the past few weeks...if u work better,u can do a best game...^^


this is the third new switch gravity game ive played in the past few weeks, only this one was alot more boring. the obstacles were easy but the graphics were decent. work on a new game type. seems like you could do better


pissed me off a lot when i first started, but i got better at it and barely got the speedrunner medal. actually quite addicting

This game is sadistically difficult.

This game is ridiculously hard. I was able to get the collector medal with about an hour of playing and patience, but I can't imagine trying to not die once in 20 screens or doing each screen in an average of 20 seconds., even without collecting anything.


not bad, it's fun to play