Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

very interesting

the graphics are good. and the execution is smooth and well put together. my onyl problem is the massive fame requirement curve. the classes go as follows:

Duelist- Physical
Gunslinger- Dexterity
dragoon- Magic

Mana Scholar:start
Magilancer- Strength
Magicaster- Dexterity
Sorcerer- Magic


Graphics and pictures are really awesome. I feel as if I were a principal of a fighting school.

The problems I faced while playing was button-mashing and repetitive fighting. The controls could have been better, I prefer using the keyboard over the mouse in adventure/RPG games.

It reminds me a bit of Summon Knight: Twin Age >.>

vet leuk

gewoon leuk om te doen

loved it!

it was great!!! the history was good and the graphics were great!!! one of my favourites games!!!

overall great game but...

the thing that killed it(or in this case a 9/10) its if u want your character to move u here their voice over and over. after a while it gets annoying. i