Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

Nice game, almost professional

It has a very retro style, very nintendo.
Game play is repetitive but fun enough to play.

For anyone who's having trouble figuring it out:
Girls with STR as highest attribute will want to be magilancers
"" DEX as highest want to be mirage casters
"" MAG as highest will be sorceresses
Boys with STR as highest will be Duelists
"" DEX as highest will be Gunslingers
"" MAG as highest will be Dragoons

LP from hunts is distributed according to how much damage the student deals to enemies.
Bonus LP is an exception, will be distributed evenly.

Abuse the Apprentice is achieved when you encounter the rogue apprentice on a hunt and kill him. Best thing to do is hide a ranged attacker behind a body of water and keep hitting at him. Mad LP gains.



although i knda wish that there were more levels in the game. A few more classes wood be nice too like maybe if you update this one you could like make a couple of the guys maybe want to be knights or like berserkers or somthing, or maybe a rouge or two. And the same with the women on here the classe are very limited. ANYWAY, besides the lack of a variety of classes and levels. i still think it was awsome. I likeed the medival concept of things. Will you make another one set in another time period?
- add me plz -


the game is really good but where is the hidden button


my academy has has mirage caster, gunners, and duelist nothing else sadly :(

Awesome game

Its a great game.