Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

Fun for a while.

It got to the poin of almst pure agony when i got past the 2nd year when it was all i could do toget the ridiculous 800 fame that it took each time just to make it without penalty. I decided to stop when it became very obvious that is was no longer about tacics.

Here are the things that bugged me.
1) Broken medals, kept popping up but never actually got them.
2) Same quests over and over none realy varrying in difficulty as your level rose. they are the same as the beginning.
3) The way you can choose your class, its just random based on stats and gender which you can kind of predict but its not exact.
4) The fame bonus doesn't really help because you cant predict the class too well.

Well i might be missing something in the game mechanics but i really think some of these things need to fixed or better explained. thanks you

Great Game

Congratulations Lucidrine, you created a exelent game.
Did you get this idea from what game :p?

The only thing that this game "fails" is that the player have few options in the academy, you should put a build option so that we can develop buildings to get new classes or quests.

go you can do it

You have to make this game for a video console. Your project is just great...

Great desing and concept

I think this game will be great if you take the project to a console like
DS , since the style of play and graphics will be perfect for that
the animations are great and it keeps u entertained
so i think you can develope real games for big games consoles .-)

I seriously almost punched my monitor.

I broke the game all the way up trying to get no penalties, made it to the twelfth month aAND THE *&$#*$ DIDNT WARN ME IT WAS THE LAST WEEK AND I DID A QUEST AND DIDNT GET THE EFFING>>D*#(@^R#(&*@FHE@UFHE:JLK