Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"


at a loss for words!

Well now,

I think this is seriously, the best game on newgrounds. The sprite graphics are top notch, the music and art is superb, and the gameplay is just fantastic.

I would pay to play this game, I think that you could sell it, congrats!

ok so here's how i rate this...

gameplay: it seemed alittle familiar and had that final fantasy sort of gameplay...not to mention about how in the errand missions where you just click the button and it loads then the missions done, you get your money, and get your reputatin crap...other words, i give you a 4/5 on that

graphics: pixelated graphics and the thought that i couldnt see how when one of my people are hitting a guy...i couldnt even see it! all i saw was the numbers and sound effect and thats the only way i can tell...the other thing is how i get stuck when one guy is between two ponds and theres enough space to go through u gotta fix that...i give you 3/5 on that....sorry

story line: the fact that the players are a principal that just got chosen to run a school and that they have to lotsa stuff on the rune list...i give you a 4/5 because it seemed alittle common to me when playing these kindsa games

music: i dont really get how in the gameplay, everyone can talk but when talking to characters, a little speech bubble makes you read it...i mean DUDE!!! SO MANY WORDS!!!! either way the music and sounds were good and original.. i give 5/5 on that

overal rating: i liked this game and im still playing this...so in other words....i give you a 9.8/10 but because of newgrounds, ill give you a 10/10

i liked your game still =3

Holy crap!

The way this game looks, it kinda reminds me of Final Fantasy. In fact, if the story matched, and I could replace Final Fantasy Tactics Advance with any RPG like game, it would be this.


the apprentice is kinda easy fight with ranged ppl on distance across an lake maybe you could make an better AI but less that great game