Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

One of the best games ever

This is one of the best games ever on newgrounds

Thank You

10 stars is far too few to express how much I loved and still love this game.

I love everything this game is about and how you executed it. The gameplay is simple and addictive with lots of character and style.

However, my favorite part of the game is how you grow attached to all your characters. In my first class I had a young girl, Emil. She grew into the premier Magi Lancer and I even kept her as long as I could. I was genuinely disheartened when I lost her and had to pick up the pieces. I really felt like the principal of a school losing his favorite student.

I watch each student grow and I feel like they are a character with a story, a character I raised and created.

This is the kind of game I would buy on for my DS.

Thank you good sir, this is now my favorite Newgrounds game of all time.

amazing game

dude you did an amazing job creating this game, the only reason you didn't get a 10 is because there's really no storyline..and having this good a game without a storyline means you did a good job regardless

very nice game

i can say this is a replacement for final fantasy tactics, because its very similar, its fun and addictive, but you should have made the game a little easier, anyway great game 10/10 5/5


A pretty impressive, yet simple game! It's not too difficult in the beginning and it's fairly interesting as well. But sadly, the limited classes, quests, quest types and means of gathering fame keeps me from giving it a 10. Totally hoping for a sequel, with added options but until then, it's definitely a game worth playing over and over and over to your hearts content! :D