Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

i'm an idiot

i cant figure out how to grade up
maybe its because im in sandbox mode...
great game, dispite my mental set backs.


Cute and fun. I liked everything but ppl kept getting stuck and got left behind.

Very entertaining

A good mixture of "sims" and rpgs.
I think you should make a 2nd, and give it more controlability (WSAD for movement, a "principal" character who you control all the time, more class/weapon branches and level 20+ having a 2nd class change, etc.)
All in all, a fascinating game with good [insert any part of the game here].

A professional feel

You people really know how to put together a good, old fashioned mini-rpg.

The graphics were beautiful, animations, sounds, just everything was well tuned and thought of. The outlook was very well thought of. So from the graphics and the overall outlook of the game you guys get 10 points. But what's inside?

I know that time is more than often a problem when creating a game and you definately did what you could do with that time, but i feel that the soul of the game was unfinished. Because if there havent been the "achievements" I wouldnt bother to play this more than 2 hours.
All the action happened in the same green, grassy field of somewhere. There were 6 different monsters that you encountered over and over again. You could arm your students, but there were nothing more to it than basic names for the weapons. Also the missions were a little let down, because there really was not anything else, but to roam around the green fields. The errands were just a another loading bar. Just to name a few things that bothered me and made the game look simpler than it is.
So it looks like that you guys had a really good graphics team and good programming team and worked well on the game balance, but the world of fantasy left a lot to hope for.

Still, this is a GOOD game for it's target group and it really shows that you guys can create something that with improvements can be a commercial product.