Reviews for "Best Friends Forever 3"

I've been waiting for this for a while.

I've always loved the BFF series :)

very nice

this game is awesome

give me and L and an O and an L

but i think its from a game website and Sheik-Sprite introduced it, not made it but
its fun
thanx for making it so fun only problem is that i do the same thing 3 TIMES on several lvls
Not very good music, but W H A T E V E R again. This is an awesome fun game. (only one thing: its very easy, but who cares?? its still fun.)
cuz i hav a life and i dont play video games all day, i barely play this but i`ll win soon i`m sure
how many lvls are there, Sheik-Sprite?

Skeik-Sprite responds:

There are 34, and my name is Skeik-Sprite, not Shiek-Sprite.

Also me and Perry made this game from scratch, this is entirely our work other then the music.

Awesome game

very cool game, i really like it, the music is kind annoying but the game is great, keep doing more game Skeik-Sprite

Pretty Cool

The only problem is sometimes it gets REALLY annoying. I decided this is good but not enough for ten stars. Maybe if this wasn't too simple in some levels, and takes forever in other's, then it would get a full rating from me. I thought maybe 6 or 7 stars at first, but the thing is programming games is HARD. You have to work hard, test them, and then you need to edit problems and mistakes. You also have to fix glitches if it is bad, and make sure there are no glitches. It is also hard because you have to make sure the game is PERFECT in a lot of ways. The drawing can be hard. So you pretty much sometimes get so impatient with this programming, you don't get to the good part because it takes to long. It is REALLY hard to make a game that NEVER gets glitches and is fast. You also have to organize the levels and all. So it is pretty hard.But it is a good game pretty much. Actually.... I'll change it to 10 stars it is SO hard to make these things. How long did it take you? This game could've taken two years!I like it so, good job!