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Reviews for "The Puppet Lord"

I love the whole Victorian vibe and I genuinely got creeped out listening to it, and the song never felt repetitive at any point.

Really well done, I love it. Keep it up, better than most people I've seen on here I wish you well and you totally deserve to get hired by someone. If Nintendo were to make a second Majora's Mask I can picture a million places it could fit in.

Rant over!

Oh, how I love the combination of an accordion and harpsichord in this sort of song. Without wearing any headphones, the mix sounds great, and the instrumentation is consistently interesting and strong throughout. The only thing that kind of drew me out were the jazzy little choir "doo"s that floated around here and there, but only because they were all articulated the same way. The waltz feeling might have benefited even further if they were a bit more staccato/marcato-ish on the 2nd beat. Just an opinion of mine, I think it would have complimented the accordion's part quite well. I have no real qualms with this song that would diminish how much I adore it. <3

OH MY GOD. You are beside all famed music composers... WaterFlame... ParagonX9... RalaiyX3... Even Nintendo's composers! You cannot give up. I will SHOOT MYSELF IN THE FACE IF YOU STOP COMPOSING.

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Wow thank you! It's so nice to be compared to such great artists! but uh... don't be going suicidal now. Of course I want stop composing so you have nothing to worry about xP

Oh my... GOD!!!
I think I just shit my pants from amazement!
This is awesome... The creepiness just keeps me listening!
Make more like this!

DuttonsaysHi responds:

haha thank you!.. uh you didn't get any on the floor did you?

OwO love this creepy feling i get from this tune

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Thank you! I'm happy you like the creepiness >:D