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Reviews for "The Puppet Lord"

Very good sound. I listen it often, since I discovered it (the time during it was in 1st page).
My favorit part is from 2.55 to 3.22. I love it !

even though you used the laughter effect too much i think this is hands down one of the best user-made tracks i have heard. loved the accordion.

Sounds very professional... might have overused the laughter sound effect a little, though... Sorry :)

A CREEPY WALTZING WITH ELECTRONIC ELEMENTS!!!! My favorite!!!!!!! Aaaahhh the accordion, mon ami! I feel a little lame for commenting on this kinda late in the game, but wow what a nice find to see on the frontpage! Instrumentation is so perfecto! It changes up at all the right moments while keeping consistency and catchyness! To be nit-picky, despite its waltzing nature it's still being counted in fours in a syncopated way that emphasizes the last beat of the first four-count and then continues fourish for the second four-count. Basically, it's not quite a quintessential waltz in terms of rhythm, but damn it's still excellently eerie. I really love your use of sound effects being implemented too. The ambience of this definitely falls in the realm of music that really really is my absolute favorite...gosh I just think this is really one of the only pieces in this style on NG that is executed very well...though of course there's really barely any like this here anyways lol. I wish there were more electronic waltzing fusions, but alas! This is an outstanding song, has to now be one of my top favorites on here. Magnificent work!

You have failed...

To disappoint me. This is great. 0:12 I loved that sound of a creaking door. Love the background dubstep with WUBS :).