Reviews for "miniTowerDefencePlus mTD+"

Wow! Alot Different!

Much different than most tower defenses. I like it!

Great game!

You had to really think about what you wanted to do with your towers. It wasn't just make as many as you can mind numbing. I really enjoyed playing this. Keep up the great work!

okaybmd responds:

Well, thank you very much :p

two thumbs up

simplistic, yet still chalenging, found myself going back to grind out more points to upgrade stuff. The control's are easy to manage, the game play is easy to understand, and the concept is one as old as time it self, protect your chunk of land against all comers. The level ups on the towers were nice, nothing too fancy or way out in left field. All in all not much I can add to improve upon it, just wanna say good job, looking foward to what you come out with next.

Great TD :)

Good game. TD is one of my favorite types of game to play, so i know quality. This game is the perfect example of the "Serious" set of TDs. Tough, but not too tough as to be impossible to beat. It may not be as hectic as Bloons TD 4, but its not supposed to be. Good game, lots of upgrade, lots of achievments, and the ability to upgrade not only tower skills but YOUR skills to give you an edge. If there ever is a MTD++, i know it will be even awesomer. (yes, i just came up with that word.)

awesome game

i m gonna unlock all achievements :)